You Won’t Believe What My Dog Does On Camera

What My Dog Does
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What my dog does on camera will shock you! So, close your eyes as you watch the video embedded below.

At first, I was just going for a walk, she rings the dog doorbell and she’s off. Then, she goes off and does this….

There are some cool Athenas Pets products were shown in this video. Bella rang the Dog Door Bell to let us know she needed to go outside.

Then, Kevin used the Treat Pouch with its poop bag dispenser to pick up the “present” that Bella left on the neighbor’s lawn.

Here are more details of those products. Each comes with a Training eBook that covers how to use the product and its features. In addition, there are a few trick tips with each eBook.

Download Free Training Guides Today:

Dog Door bells eBook
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Dog Treat Pouch eBook
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If you have any ideas for future, “What My Dog Does,” videos, please let us know via email or in the comments section below.

As a special thanks for reading this blog post and watching the video, we’re offering a discounted price for the Doorbells and Treat Pouch below.

In fact, you can download the eBooks without purchasing if you want. With just the eBooks, you will get enough info to do some fun training stuff with your pup. How about that?


Dog Door Bells, Potty Bells

Potty Bells

Only $9.99

  • Easy House Training Bells
  • Includes Training eBook
  • Fits All Doors
  • High Quality Materials and Bells
Dog Treat Pouch

Dog Treat Pouch


  • Great for Dog Training and Walks
  • Poop Bag Dispenser
  • Zipper Pocket for Phone/Wallet
  • Mesh Pouch for other Items

Best of luck to you and your dog.  At Athenas Pets, we’re always thinking of ways to make the human and pet experience better.

We offer a number of dog and puppy training information and products in this regard. You may be interested in some of our other dog barking information as well as potty training a puppy.

  • Potty and House Training Course

    Potty and House Training Course

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  • 74 Dog Tricks Decoded, Dog and Puppy Training

    74 Dog Tricks Decoded eBook

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Send us a message to let us know more about your experience.

Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

As a dog lover since his youth, Steve Co-Founded Athenas Pets with his son Kevin to promote dog training to the masses. Athenas Pets, focuses on training products and providing the "know-how" so the average dog owner can train their dog like a pro.

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