Airedale Dog Breed
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The Airedale dog breed is a very trainable and fun dog breed to have.  One interesting fact about them is that they are nicknamed “king of the terriers.”  This is because they are the largest out of any of the terrier dog breeds.  If you are looking for a medium sized dog the Airedale could be a fit for you. 

In many ways, the history of the Airedale is one that follows the path of many similar terriers. For instance, just like their terrier compatriot the Yorkshire Terrier they were bred in Yorkshire, England.  Many terriers of the time were bred for the purpose of chasing away rats.  The dogs that did this task on farms developed the nickname of “ratter.”  Similarly, the Airedale and the Yorkshire Terrier are no different in this respect.

The Airedale was bred to chase away water rats.  In addition, due to their size, the Airedale was also able to hunt foxes during this time period around the 19th century.  Lucky for us the modern day Airedale doesn’t need to chase rats away anymore.

Is the Airedale for you?

The Airedale is a dog who loves to learn different things that include dog tricks.  They are so eager to learn these new and exciting things that they may get bored if they feel that the commands are getting a little redundant.  They tend to be good dogs that are able to play nicely with children and other animals.  However, before leaving your child alone with any dog it is vital for them to be properly trained first.  The Airedale has an abundance of energy and likes to play outside a lot.  Their past definitely plays a huge part in this excess energy. 

Additionally, the Airedale does bark quite a bit and it is important to have a plan for this.  If you live in the wide open spaces you may be fine with them barking in the outdoors.  However, if you live in an apartment you will likely need to do some bark training.  If barking is an issue for you and you don’t have time to train your Airedale then this might not be the breed for you.  At times people have assessed the Airedale as a bit stubborn.  While this may be the case if you train them when young you shouldn’t have any issues.

Based on these characteristics, we give the Airedale a rating of 9 out of 10 on our Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker.

Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker
Airedale 9 of 10

The Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker takes into account several characteristics of each breed. Items considered are:

  • Willingness to be Trained
  • How Comfortable they are around People
  • Ability to live in a Household Environment.

Physical Characteristics

The Airedale that most people know and love are black and tan in color.  The other type Airedale you may see has some red mixed in with the black fur.  This different color is called grizzle and to the naked eye may not be extremely apparent.  The Airedale will have a height that tends to range between 22-24 inches.  As far as height is concerned this isn’t a very wide range. 

Another important physical characteristics is the weight.  The Airedale is one big terrier with a weight ranging between 40-65 pounds.  Most terriers tend to be smaller dogs or even toy breeds.  With this heavier weight and larger height they definitely can be considered medium size dogs.  Airedales tend not to shed all that much though which is good if you want your dog laying on the couch.  This lack of shedding allows for less clean up than some hairier dog breeds.

Final Thoughts

The Airedale is one of the best dog breeds to train as they enjoy learning new commands.  This might be one of the reasons that the Airedale was owned by three US presidents in a row.  These presidents included Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding, and our president during World War I Woodrow Wilson.  Even though this breed is bigger than most Terriers they can live in smaller homes or apartments.  If you do get one for these smaller living areas bark training and taking them out for exercise is very important.

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