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Australian Shepherd Dog Breed
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The Australian Shepherd Dog breed is considered a working dog breed.  They have a past that isn’t the most clear when we look at their history.  This breed was actually not from Australia at all.  They were developed in the Western half of the United States.  This took place in the middle of the 19th century with Basque farmers.  These Basque farmers primarily used Australian Shepherd Dog’s to herd livestock.  This task is one that requires a lot of effort and shows with the Australian Shepherds excessive energy. 

Now at this point you may be wondering why they have Australia in their name if they aren’t from Australia.  This is because the farmers that bred this herding dog had traces back to the Oceanic continent of Australia.  Also it is believed that the ancestors of the Australian Shepherd are from Australia.  This is the part of their history that is somewhat unclear.  They did do a lot of herding work with Basque farmers in the Western half of the United States though.

Is the Australian Shepherd for you?

As I mentioned in the previous section this breed is extremely energetic and will need to go out a lot. This goes for almost all dog breeds that are associated with a herding past. We recommend that you take this dog for a couple of walks a day.

Also it would be very helpful if you had some place for this breed to run around. This can be anywhere such as a backyard, dog park, or any other fenced area. It is important to keep this breed entertained and engaged in this way or it could lead to unwanted behaviors

Australian Shepherds are very intelligent dogs that are willing to be trained. This makes them good at learning new tricks and getting acclimated to a home environment. They can learn how to do certain things like going potty outside easier. An example of a well-trained Aussie can be seen as the winner of the 2019 Westminster national dog show was an Australian Shepherd.

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As with any dog training early in an Australian Shepherd’s life is very important. If this is not done properly you may become their personal servant. They will run your household and you will have a difficult time getting anything done. 

As for cleanliness you must know that they do shed quite a bit.  Especially after the Winter months in the Spring time. Expect a lot of excess fur on your floors at this time. Regular grooming of your dog can help ease the amount of dog hair vacuuming that you will have to do.

Based on these characteristics, we give the Australian Shepherd Dog a rating of 9 out of 10 on our Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker.

Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker
Australian Shepherd 9 of 10

The Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker takes into account several characteristics of each breed. Items considered are:

  • Willingness to be Trained
  • How Comfortable they are around People
  • Ability to live in a Household Environment.

Physical Characteristics

Additionally the Australian Shepherd is a medium sized dog breed that has a pretty distinguished weight range. In fact, an Australian Shepherd can weigh anywhere between 35 and 70 pounds. Clearly, this means from a weight perspective one Australian Shepherd can be twice the size of another. Much of this will come down to the dog’s diet, exercise levels, and the gender of your doggo. 

As for the height of the Australian Shepherd this will come in between 18 and 23 inches. This measure is taken when they are standing on all fours and measured at the shoulder. Compared to other breeds most Australian Shepherds will be considered of medium size.

Final Thoughts

Australian Shepherds are an energetic, intelligent, and super loving dog breed.  You need to train them early in their lives and provide them with the right exercise. If you are able to do this then they should be a great family pet. One fun fact about this exceptional dog breed is their eye color. Some Australian Shepherds have two different colored eyes. This phenomenon is called bi color and can be seen in other breeds such as the Siberian Husky as well.

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