Basset Hound

Basset Hound
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The Basset Hound Dog Breed is a member of the hunting dog breed family. Their history started with origins on the European continent. They were utilized as hunting dogs throughout the 6th century. Much of this hunting was done apart from their owner where they would use their keen sense of smell. They would alert the hunters where they would find game for them to hunt.

These French origins are what contributed to the Basset Hound’s name. In French the word “bas” means low. Basset Hounds tend to be very close to the ground because of their short legs. Hence the name “Bas”set Hound because of their low set bodies close to the ground. The ancestors prior to their hunting practices in France were actually from Belgium.

Is the Basset Hound for you?

Basset Hounds tend to be extremely friendly and easy going. This is true even when in comparison to all other dog breeds. This can make the them an exceptional family dog.  They may not be able to keep up with the extreme energy of some smaller kids. However, most of this breed will be extremely friendly.

As with all scent hounds they will be very free spirited compared to most other breeds. Their exceptional smell leads them to wander whenever an interesting smell passes by their nose.

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In addition, the Basset Hound has become relatively difficult to train because of this as well. They tend to do a lot of things that might upset some dog owners. These activities include being difficult to potty train, barking/howling a lot, and slobbering from time to time. The barking and howling may keep the neighbors up at night. So if you do live in an apartment complex it may be difficult to have this breed.

The slobbering and potty messes aren’t the only messes you will have to clean up. Basset Hounds even though it might not look like it, do shed quite a bit. So you may have a lot more messes then you might want when you own a Basset Hound.

Overall, if you are confident, respectful, and put some time in – they will become a great friend.

Based on these characteristics the Basset Hound received a score of 7 out of 10 on the Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker.

Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker
Basset Hound 7 of 10

The Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker takes into account several characteristics of each breed. Items considered are:

  • Willingness to be Trained
  • How Comfortable they are around People
  • Ability to live in a Household Environment.

Physical Characteristics

Many people have a difficult time telling the difference between a Basset Hound and a Beagle. The differences you will find between these two breeds are in their size and the droopiness of their face. Most Basset Hounds will be shorter than Beagles. They will typically have a height ranging between 11-15 inches when measured at the shoulder. The Beagles height range will start at 13 inches and go up to 15 inches.

As for the Basset Hound weight they are in the middle when it compares to other breeds. They will weigh anywhere in between 44 and 64 pounds.  Their weight and size will depend on several factors including exercise levels, diet and the gender of your pup. As for the droopiness of the face the Basset Hound will have a much droopier face than that of the Beagle.

Final Thoughts on the Basset Hound

They are a very good dog breed if you are looking for a friendly dog that you will have to spend a lot of time with. They are great for larger homes with more mellow and relaxed owners. Training them to bark only when necessary is important with this breed if you want a peaceful nights sleep. If you take the time and give your Basset Hound the respect they deserve you will have earned a lifelong companion.

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