Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed
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The Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed is one of the most confident dog breeds. They will definitely strut their stuff if you let them.

You may have guessed, and you would be correct, the Yorkshire Terrier came from Yorkshire, England. They were a cross of two different Terrier breeds in the mid-1800s.

They were originally bred to chase off rats in mines. So, they will be a good rodent repellent for your home.

Is the Yorkshire Terrier for you?

The Yorkshire Terriers are one of the hardest breeds to potty train. This is due to their small bladders and their limited ability to “hold it in” for a long time.

You need to be committed to taking your Yorkie out often. Especially when your pup is young. However, good potty training in the early days will last a lifetime.

The Yorkshire Terriers are great with kids. Their small size and confident demeanor makes them an awesome companion for small or large children.

Based on this, we’ve given the Yorkie a 7 out of 10 on our Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker.

Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker
Yorkie * 7 of 10 *

The Athenas Pets Household Pet Ranker takes into account several characteristics of each breed. Items considered are:

  • Willingness to be Trained
  • How Comfortable they are around People
  • Ability to live in a Household Environment.

Physical Characteristics

Most Yorkshire Terriers are a tan and black mixture, especially the pure bred varieties. Later in their life the darker black color changes to more of a bluish tone. An interesting fact is that some people have compared the Yorkie’s fur to human hair.

They weigh from 4 to 7 pounds which makes them one of the smaller dogs. Their height comes in at 6 to 9 inches. But, this little guy is a bundle of fun.

Final Thoughts

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the best breeds for small houses, condos and apartments. They are also a cool dog to take with you on the run. Many people enjoy carrying them around with them in a small bag.

Airlines will generally let you take them with you on the plane in a small soft sided crate.

Yorkies are also one of the more popular show dogs. So, get your pup looking pretty and head out to the dog show… 

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