Dog Barking Answers and Solutions

Dog Barking is your pet's natural urge. Anyone can control their dog's barking with a simple plan.

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Chihuahua Dog Barking

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Why do Dog’s Bark is one of the most often asked questions we receive. There are a few reasons and there are solutions. A great resource is our blog post – Why Does My Dog Bark?

Here are the three main reasons your dog barks.

First, they are motivated to do it. It could be them looking to get attention, or it makes them feel good or even a person passing by outside. Second, it could be because they are trying to Communicate with someone or another dog. The third reason is because they are being territorial or protective.

How Quickly can I teach my Dog to Stop Barking?

How quickly you can teach your pup to stop barking is a loaded question. It is no different to how quickly you can teach a person to learn a skill. It depends on the dog, their attitude and much of it depends on your attitude, strategy, patience and commitment.

First, you need to have a well thought out plan. You can’t just tell your dog to be quiet, or yell at them. Well, you can, but it won’t do much good. In fact, we created a number of blog posts with links and videos to lead you in the right direction.

By consistently working with your dog calmly to make them understand when barking is not acceptable, you can accomplish this in a few weeks. With the assistance of a Humane Bark Collar, some dog owners have stopped their dog in as little as a few hours.

Get your free Humane Collar eBook here. After reviewing the eBook you will see the right steps to take and have a plan to solve your problems.

Is there any pain to the Dog with Bark Control Collar?

There is no pain associated with a Humane Bark Collar, but there is with a Shock Collar. Our Humane Bark Collars versus Shock Bark Collars blog post goes into more detail on this subject.

A Humane Bark Collar uses sequences of Beeps and Vibrations to interrupt your dog’s urge to bark. When it senses your dog preparing to bark, it will begin with beeps that distract your dog and allow you to add verbal commands to train your dog it is not time to bark.

A Shock Collar on the other hand uses static electricity to shock your dog similar to the shock you receive on a cold, dry winter day walking across carpet. This serves a similar purpose, but it can be painful to your dog.

So, as you can see, starting with a Humane Collar would be a painless way to resolve your problem.

How Do I Get my Dog to Quit Barking?

If you want to get your dog to stop barking, it is going to take some training and effort on your part. Since barking is a natural instinct for dogs, many of them will need to be trained not to bark at inconvenient times.

Initially, you need to interrupt your dog when they begin barking or are getting ready to bark at something. You can do this a number of ways. By whistling, using a beep/vibration bark collar and even a dog whistle or clicker. But, you need to be consistent with your plan.

We have several blog posts which will point you in the right direction.

The key to any successful training project is to make sure you have a plan, adjust as needed and consistently move toward your objective. If you calming address the situation, you will surely find the solution.

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Use Beeps and Vibrations to Train your dog not to Bark

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How Do I Control my Dog's Barking When People Pass?

A good place to start is to understand why your dog is barking in the first place. We have a great blog series which includes videos starting with, Why Does My Dog Bark, which will get you off to a good start.

One thing you don’t want to do is to yell at your dog. This will actually make the problem worse. Our Eliminate Dog Barking – Why Not to Yell At Your Dog post is another good resource.

The basic plan should be to remove the stimulus from your dog by shutting the blinds or moving them to another room; or interrupting their pattern via a command, whistle or beep/vibration collar. Whatever you do, you must be consistent, committed and positive.

Remember, your dog is only doing what comes natural to their species. Don’t punish them for being themselves. Work with them to gain an understanding how to keep the peace in your household.

How Humane is a Bark Collar?

How Humane a Bark Collar is depends on what type of Bark Collar you are talking about. A Shock Collar is not very humane since it uses a static shock to deliver a punishment to the dog when they bark.

But, technology has given us better options. The Humane Bark Collar from Athenas Pets for example, will only give gentle beeps and vibrations to distract your dog just before they are planning to bark.

This process is very humane and it does not have to be on your dog all the time. Many dog owners find that after training their dog with this beeping and vibrating collar, they no longer need to use it to stop their dog’s nuisance barking.

My Chihuahua Barks at Everything - What Can I Do?

Ah yes, the Chihuahua! It ranked number one in our Barking Dogs – Top 5 Most Expressive Breeds article.

We have seen a lot of success with a Humane Bark Collar for Chihuahua. These collar sense when you Chihuahua is about to bark and then gives a series of beeps and vibrations to interrupt your dog before it barks.

Over time, this causes your dog to think twice before barking, even when they are not wearing the collar. In fact, some dog owners who have used our Athenas Pets Humane Bark Collar have found they just need to show the Bark Collar to their dog and it will stop barking.

Here’s another post, What is the Best Bark Collar for a Chihuahua, will many more details.

Humane Bark Collar

Use Beeps and Vibrations to Train your dog not to Bark

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