Potty Training a Puppy & Potty Training Dogs

Anyone can potty train their puppy or older dog. It just takes commitment, persistence and a little time.

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Dog Potty Training

Does your Dog know he needs to go Outside, but Doesn't know how to tell you?

Potty Training a Puppy

This is a common challenge many of us face when we want to potty train our puppy or dog. The worst part of it is when your dog has an accident in the house and then feels really bad about it. It’s enough to tear your heart out.

There are a number of things you can do to make this problem go away. Some are as simple as taking your dog out on a regular schedule and controlling when and how much they eat or drink.

A cool solution to be notified when they need to go outside to potty is a set, or two, of the dog doorbells. These hang from the door(s) you use to take your dog out to potty. You train your dog to ring them when they need to go, so you never have to wonder if now is the right time.

Don't want your puppy to pee on the carpet?

Is your dog peeing on the carpet and making your house smell? Do you step in a wet spot on your carpet or floor at night at the worst possible times?

Well, you’re not alone. This is one of the main frustrations we hear from dog owners. With a little training it’s easy to solve this problem. There are a number of techniques to get your dog to go outside before they need to go potty. You can have them notify you with bells or setup a regular potty time.

If you are not at home during the day, you should initially limit your dog’s movement to a small area with an area for them to relieve themselves.

The eventual goal is to have them be able to roam throughout the house and NOT have an accident while you’re away. It takes a little time and effort, but both you and your dog will feel better about it once you get there.

Everything you wanted to Know about Potty Training a Puppy with a Bell

My Dog eats it poop - What can I do?

As it relates to potty training, some dogs will eat their poop to hide the mess from their owner. They do this because they feel their owner will be mad at them for having an accident in the house. They’re trying to “destroy the evidence.”

What can you do about it? Well, the very first thing is to NEVER get mad at your dog when you see that they made an unwanted mess in the house. Many times they wanted to get out, but could not tell you or they don’t get out enough to relieve themselves sufficiently. 

When you get mad at your dog they believe you do not want them to poop or pee and they will sneak off to hidden places in the house or do things such as eating their waste – yuk…

Properly taking your dog out at regular intervals throughout the day, never getting mad at them when you do find a mess and controlling your dog’s intake of food and water can work wonders.

Need a Good Potty Training System?

Potty training your dog is not as difficult as it sounds, but it does require a good system to get the job done.

There are a number of different items related to potty training. A lot of the training depends on your availability for the training and how often you are at home. If you work all day, you need to approach things differently than in someone is in the house most of the day.

For someone home most of the day, a good schedule is needed to make sure your dog has regular opportunities to go outside to relieve themselves. It is not an exact science and as a puppy gets older they can hold their bladder longer.

It is also a good habit not to leave food and water out all day as the more your dog intakes, it needs to let out later… It’s pretty simple… A regular feeding and potty break schedule will work wonders.

If you’re not in the house all day due to work, school or some other commitments, you need to house train your dog. At first you want to limit their movement to a small area with plenty of potty pads or newspaper on the floor in case they need to go while you’re away.

Over time, with the right potty training system, you can get your dog to roam throughout the entire house and not have an accident. This assumes someone can take care of your pup at least a couple times a day.


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Hate to Clean your dog's mess?

If you hate to clean the mess your dog makes in the house, why not potty train them? Think of all the hassle you could avoid if you were able to properly teach your dog the ins and outs of potty training.

House training your dog lets you teach your dog how to stay at home while you’re away and not create a mess when you return. It’s something that is best performed in a step by step fashion starting with limiting your dog’s roaming to a smaller space with someplace (paper/newspaper) for an accident.

Over time you can expand this space and remove most if not all of the “accident” paper.

Another cool item is to get your dog to let you know when they need to go outside to potty when you are home. There are simple devices like dog doorbells that hang from the door know you use to take your dog out for a potty. With a little training, you can have your dog ringing when they need to go out.

Do you take your dog, they pee, then they poop in the house several minutes later?

We’ve seen this happen quite often and it is usually related to the time your dog has outside to go to the potty. If your dog has been sitting or lying down all day and you take him for a quick outing, they may have enough time to pee, but need to move around more for the second part of their job.

If this is a common occurrence for you, try to get your dog walking a little when you take them out and don’t immediately take them in after they pee.

Afraid you can't train your dog not to potty in the house?

Nonsense, anyone can train their dog not to go potty in the house. It is just going to take consistency, patience and a little time.

You need to take the right steps to make it happen. At first you need to expect a few messes. It is a great idea to start by limiting your dog’s range to roam inside your house to a small and manageable area which you can place dog pads or newspaper for your dog to go if needed.

The little secret dog trainers know is most dog’s want to keep a clean area where they hang out often, so they do not want to go in an area they consider their own. By limiting their space to a room or two, you are making them take ownership of this area.

Be vigilant to take them outside regularly and also clean up any messes “with a smile” as you don’t want your dog to think you hate them going bathroom and then sneaking off and going in an out of the way place.

Again, this is not rocket science, with a few days to weeks of consistent training, you can do this.